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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial advice means different things to different people, depending on their needs and goals. No matter what stage of life you’re at, getting advice from a qualified expert can help you realise your goals and achieve them sooner, and with more confidence.


Obligation free, complimentary consultation

As a customer of BankWAW, you are invited to take advantage of an obligation-free complimentary initial consultation with a qualified Financial Planner from the Templeton Advice Group .

In your consultation, you will learn about the factors you need to consider as part of a comprehensive financial plan – such as investing, insurances, estate planning and what your retirement expectations are.

You will find out what information you need to provide to create your financial plan, what you can reasonably expect from it and an estimate of the fee for your financial plan.

There is no cost for this initial consultation and no obligation to proceed with preparation of a financial plan.

Request an obligation free, fee-free consultation to start planning your financial future.

Ring the the Templeton Advice Group on 03 5722 2226 or email cso@templetonadvicegroup.com.au (make sure you mention this is a BankWAW referral).
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Or call BankWAW on 1300 368 555 from 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri (AEST/ADST).

6-steps to a financial plan

  1. Your first appointment – We’ll get to know you, your current situation, life goals  and objectives, and what aspects of financial advice you might need.

  2. Getting the facts – we’ll complete a personal profile with you, determine your tolerance for risk and develop a clear picture of your financial situation.

  3. Agreeing on the service – at this stage we will provide you with a letter of engagement to confirm our services, we’ll discuss the financial services guide and the costs involved in the planning process.

  4. Plan preparation – with your information gathered, we will investigate the range of financial options available to help you reach your goals, and prepare your personalised recommendations

  5. Plan implementation – when you’re happy with your financial strategy, we’ll work closely with you to implement it, always ensuring you have as much control as you want and that know where your money is invested and why.

  6. Regular review and monitoring – we will review your plan annually as well as keeping in contact to provide ongoing advice and support

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