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BankWAW’s offers personal loan options for home improvements. Our loans are also available for vacation trips, a new car purchase, and other personal expenses. We don’t have monthly service fees, and you can make additional repayments without penalties. Interest is calculated daily and charged in arrears.
More great features

  • 24-hour conditional approval

  • ​Make repayments over 1 year to 7 years

  • No monthly service fees

  • Fixed monthly repayments

  • Pay off your loan early, no exit fees

  • Make additional repayments without penalty

  • Interest calculated daily and charged in arrears

Estimate your repayments with our personal loan calculator.

Interest rate ranges from 6.19% p.a. to 11.54% p.a.
(Comparison rate ranges from 6.82% p.a. to 12.20% p.a.)

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