Investing in positive social outcomes

BankWAW actively engages with the communities we service. We support regionally based initiatives that help communities instigate social, educational, environmental and health programs. We distribute these funds to address local issues, influence positive change in the community and help make our community a thriving place to live, work and visit. 

We support groups within our community either via financial sponsorship agreements or through contributions of goods and services. Additionally, we support regional programs that deliver positive educational, medical or safety outcomes to the community.

Sponsorship is used to enhance our key message as a community-based organisation, to strengthen recognition of the brand to the broader community and to maintain or develop further relationships with communities and groups.

Who can apply for sponsorship?

BankWAW will consider sponsorship applications by our customers who are affiliated with clubs, groups, projects and other initiatives in our local communities. When applying, please consider:

  • Whether you application aligns to one of our key community pillars of health and wellbeing, arts and culture or environment and sustainability.

  • What community your request provides BankWAW the opportunity to increase exposure with.

  • What opportunities your proposal can provide for BankWAW to demonstrate how we support the organisation and community. Some examples include media coverage, signage, speaking or presenting, advertising our involvement and brand in promotional material, or attending your event.

We do not support 

  • ​individuals

  • requests that are aligned to political or religious groups

  • activities that are a direct responsibility of / funded by government

  • activities that could be constructed as discriminatory

  • promote or encourage gambling, smoking, alcohol or any substance abuse

  • could be detrimental to public health and safety

  • represent a conflict of interest for WAW.


How to apply

Before applying, please thoroughly review our sponsorship guidelines. Please complete the Sponsorship Application Form on this page and attach any supporting information.

Note that we require a minimum of six weeks notice for requests that have a specific deadline. 

Register for updates

Leave your contact details and we will let you know when we have news on our sponsorship program, including calls for proposals.


Examples of sponsorship

Take a look at our map to see some of the groups, clubs and events we have sponsored in 2023.