Stay safe... And contactless!

Sunday, July 26, 2020 / Security

Contactless, or Paywave transactions have been available to WAW customers for many years. 
You know the drill, you take out your card, wave it near the EFTPOS terminal, hey presto payment complete.  The transaction limit for contactless transactions has recently been increased to $200 at many stores (to a maximum of $500 per day).
While loads of WAW customers use and love Paywave, some have concerns about security.  How safe is it really? What happens if your card is lost or stolen?  Again, technology has the answer…
Digital Wallets. Simply set up your WAW Visa Debit card in the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay App on your trusty phone (or fancy smart watch) and you’re all set to spend safely. 
The Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay apps require that you have a password or fingerprint security in place, so the only person who can pay with your device is you.  Now you can pay with your phone or smart device and stay confident your money remains in safe hands – your own!
Find out all the details about the Digital Wallets with WAW.   

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