Partnering with our communities to build a sustainable future

WAW is proud to support sustainable innovation in our local communities.

Recently, we have been thrilled to support the development of the Yackandandah community-scale solar and battery system, known as Yack01, with a loan that aligns financing for the innovative project with long-term environmentally responsible outcomes in our community.

Indigo Power and Totally Renewable Yackandandah have been planning this battery for several years, and the installation has now commenced at the Agency of Sculpture workshop. The roof of the workshop is covered entirely with bi-facial solar panels. These are see-through panels that can create energy from the sun that hits both directly on the panels and underneath.

The storage battery facility will be one of the first of its kind in Australia. It will enable solar energy generated during the day to be stored and then used by Indigo Power customers in the evening. The battery has the capacity to power up to 40 average-sized households overnight.

The community battery will begin supplying members of the Yackandandah community energy hub with clean energy from June 2021, helping residents work towards their goal of their community's energy becoming 100% renewable in the coming years.

We are proud to be a part of this project, and we can’t wait to share more with you as it progresses!

About Indigo Power

Indigo Power is doing energy differently.

Indigo Power is a community owned energy company and social enterprise committed to powering our communities with clean energy. Their community energy hubs combine local renewable energy generation, storage and energy sharing. They’ve got some of the best solar resources in the country, and they’re helping communities make the most of it.

As a certified social enterprise, they’ve also committed to returning 50% of profits to clean energy and community projects in our towns.


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