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Save For Your Kids Star Saver

Star Saver

You’re never too young for good savings habits. The BankWAW Star Saver rewards kids for making a regular deposit and watching their balance grow!


No account keeping fees


No withdrawal fees


Earn bonus interest


Buck Star Saver for kids


  • Bonus interest if you deposit at least $20 a month and make no withdrawals in the same month.

  • A Transaction Record Book that will enable children to track their money and watch their savings grow!

  • Entry into the Buck’s Star Saver Club, which comes with an exclusive Club Pack.

  • The ability for you to assist your child to manage their banking online via BankWAW Internet Banking or the BankWAW Mobile App.

  • The ability to make deposits through the School Banking Program (at participating schools only).

  • Direct crediting available for regular payments (from your income or other accounts).

  • No minimum balance restrictions.

  • Interest that is calculated daily and paid on the last day of the month.

  • Over the counter withdrawals or online transfers can be completed by signatories for the child.
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