The BankWAW Mobile App is an easy to use digital banking experience for customers. A convenient way to manage your banking on the go, the BankWAW Mobile App is free for customers, quick to set up and completely secure. With a simple, fresh design, we’ve made it really easy for you to bank with us anytime, quickly and on the go!
If you’re already registered for BankWAW’s internet banking, you can simply download the app, log in with your customer number and internet banking password, and start banking right away!
With the BankWAW Mobile App you can:

Access your accounts

  • Use ‘quick balance’ to view your account balance without logging in.

  • View your account details and transaction history.

  • Add and delete new payees and billers directly on your phone.

Make payments and transfers

  • Transfer between your own accounts or to any bank account in Australia.

  • Pay bills with BPAY payments.

  • Use saved payees and billers to make transfers simple and secure.

  • Transfer from your loan accounts with our redraw facilities.

  • The BankWAW app is synchronised with BankWAW Internet Banking so your existing payees and billers are already available.

Manage your cards

  • Activate new cards.

  • Set a new PIN on your cards.

  • Put a temporary lock on your cards.

  • Permanently disable your cards in the case they are lost or stolen.

  • Order replacement cards.

Other services

  • Find your nearest BankWAW service centre. 

  • Access our tools and calculators to work out how much you can save or borrow.

  • View BankWAW’s products and services and submit an instant enquiry.

  • Keep up to date with the latest BankWAW news and events happening in your community.

  • Easily contact us or view our branch details and opening hours.

Things you should know

  • You’ll need to be registered for Internet Banking before you can use the BankWAW Mobile App. If you’re not already, register for internet banking by calling us on 1300 368 555.

  • Mobile data downloading or internet usage charges may apply. Check with your internet service provider or mobile phone service provider.

  • Internet access is required to access this App.

Security tips

  • For your security we ask that you choose a passcode that is different to your PIN.

  • Like your PIN, you should keep your passcode or pattern confidential and do not keep these stored with your phone.

  • Make sure you log out when you are finished in the app.

  • Contact BankWAW immediately if you lose your mobile device and are concerned someone might know your log in details.

Download for free today!

Get started with the app

We have prepared guides to help you download and install the app, set it up, and start using it to make payments and manage your cards. 

Installation Guide

How to dowload or update the app from the app store.

Quick Start Guide

This guide takes you through the screens when you start the app for the first time and register with your customer number and internet banking password.

User Guide

How to transfer money and make payments, manage your card and change some of the settings of the app.

Questions or troubles?

If you have questions on use of the app or trouble getting started, please contact us.