A new mobile banking app

We are excited that the new BankWAW Mobile Banking App is available. You will find the new app quicker to use, easier to understand, and simpler to navigate. It allows you to make payments, see your account(s) and manage your card(s) directly from the home screen.

What you will need

If you have the current app, you may be able to log in seamlessly as you always have - with your existing PIN code, pattern, face recognition or fingerprint.

If the new app has not stored your mobile login details, you may need your customer number and internet banking password. Your internet banking password may not be the same as the PIN code you use to log into the current app.

If you do not currently have the BankWAW app, you will need your customer number and your internet banking password to set up the new app. Please make sure you have these handy.

During installation, you can then set a PIN code or a pattern to log in quickly and securely after you set up the app. You can also enable face recognition or fingerprint to log on, if your phone has these features.

Download or update the new app

How to install, start and use the app

We have published three guides to help you install, start and use the new app, which you can find on this page.

Sneak preview

This video gives you a preview of the new BankWAW Mobile Banking App: how it works, looks and some of its functions and features.

Download for free today!

Get started with the app

We have prepared guides to help you download and install the app, set it up, and start using it to make payments and manage your cards. 

Installation Guide

How to dowload or update the app from the app store.

Quick Start Guide

This guide takes you through the screens when you start the app for the first time and register with your customer number and internet banking password.

User Guide

How to transfer money and make payments, manage your card and change some of the settings of the app.

Questions or troubles?

If you have questions on use of the app or trouble getting started, please contact us.