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What are the BankWAW Service Centre opening hours?
What is the BSB number?
Which ATM’s can I use?
Where are your Service Centres located?
How do I find my account number(s)?
How do I do an international transfer?


All your queries about Automated Teller Machines.

Where can I find a transaction fee-free ATM?
What does ATM stand for?
What if I forget my pin?
What if there is a fault with the machine?
How do I raise an ATM discrepancy?
What is a direct charge fee?

Let's talk $$$.

The stuff you need to know about your money.

How do I change my name?
How do I find out my account number(s)?
Which ATM's can I use?
Where are your Service Centres loacted?
What is the BSB number?
What are the daily transaction limits?
How can I withdraw cash?
How do you set up electronic payments?

Lending a hand

Home loans, personal loans and some common lending terms

What are the current interest rates for loans?
What is refinancing?
What is a credit report?

Banking for businesses

Transaction, savings and loans designed for business

Square Readers for Business
Business Transact Accounts
Business Loans
Business Savings Accounts

Card safety

Keep your card and PIN safe and secure

What should I do if I've lost a card?
How do I get a card PIN?
How to activate a new card?


How can you deposit cheques into your account?
Are cheques coming to an end?
Can I still use cheques?
What alternative is there for cheques?

Deceased estate

What to do when a loved one passes away?
What documents do I need to manage the Estate Accounts?


An outline of our fees

What does 'unlimited transactions' mean?
What are the current fees?

Having a tough time?

Find out about what to do if you're facing hardship.

Hardship Assistance

Bank anywhere on the web

The who, what, where of Internet Banking and how we keep it secure.

How do I register for internet banking?
Why is online security so important?
Is Internet banking secure?
What is BankWAW doing to safeguard my personal information online?
What should I do if I get a suspicious email?
What should I do if I think someone has obtained access to my Customer Number or Password?
Online Security Links
How do I reset my Internet Banking password?

PayID and OSKO make banking easy peasey

Here's how PayID and OSKO work

What is Osko by BPAY?
What is the New Payments Platform (NPP)?
What is OSKO?
What is PayID?

It's savings time!

Save for today, and tomorrow

What are the interest rates for savings accounts?
What does 'at call' mean?

Scams & Fraud

Help, I (may) have been scammed!

How do I recognise a scam?
I received an email, sms or whatsapp message from BankWAW or another bank with a link to provide more information. Is this safe?
How does BankWAW protect my account outside of business hours?
Can I lock my card and/or my account?
What should I do if I think I have been scammed, don't recognise a transaction, or transferred money to the wrong account?
How can I make sure I am really speaking to a BankWAW employee on the phone?
What do I do when I think my debit card may be misused?
I received an SMS code, but I don't know why?

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